Guidelines For Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

With the popularity of organic fertilizer, the use of organic fertilizer production equipment is also greatly increased, which makes the demand of organic fertilizer equipment increase year by year.

Since all parts of the new equipment have not been run in, it is necessary to heat up the equipment for the first time, which generally requires 40-50 minutes. For specific operation, firstly raise the temperature to pull the motor V-belt by hand until it is free, and pull the motor continuously for 8-10 times according to the normal operation option. Then keep heating for about 10 minutes.

During normal operation, the temperature of the drum granulator ( should be kept stable, and it should not be high or low. The temperature should be about 200 ℃ near the vent hole until the machine head. At this temperature, most materials can be well processed. For the double roller granulator (, it can be granulated at normal temperature, and the main thing is to pay attention to the material moisture during granulation.
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