Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Technology And Granulation

We often use bio organic fertilizer in agricultural planting, and organic waste is its processing raw material. Chicken manure and crop straw as the main raw materials, after fermentation, they are further made into high-quality organic fertilizer products by drum granulation. ( The fermentation process can decompose chemical pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues, improve fertilizer quality and increase fertilizer disease resistance.

Bio organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, which can improve the soil and improve the soil consolidation caused by the application of chemical fertilizer. Improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, enhance the ability of soil water conservation and fertilization. According to the equipments required for biofertilizer production, the production process can be divided into flat composting and tank fermentation.

In order to ensure the quality of organic fertilizer, in the production process of bio organic fertilizer, it is necessary to ensure that the organic fertilizer is fully decomposed by high temperature fermentation. The raw materials are processed according to the production process. We provide a complete set of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process ( and organic fertilizer equipment.
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