Pitfalls That Stop You From Getting Even 7 Bands In IELTS Writing

Pitfalls that stop you from getting even 7 Bands in IELTS Writing

This course will cover various perspectives of strategic planning and handling of the WRITING exam situation. The teacher will also share some key strategies recommended by most examiners and the ambiguity that lies behind tricky questions. At the end, it would become clear that why our test takers perform so well in IELTS tests. Various perspectives of this examination such as those listed below, would be shared with the students:

1. How IELTS topics are integrated in the current format of the WRITING Test?
2. What are those specific skills of English literature on which IELTS writing is based?
3. How lexis-assisted reading would enhance the speed and save time?
4. Major shortcomings in writing approach and its impact on IELTS results.
5. Latest changes, new topics, and question-pattern in writing examination.

The lessons will comprise the following:

 Explaining the IELTS WRITING Test formats.
 Describing the skills required in the reading test.
 Explaining the types of questions in the examination.
 Varying approaches in answering writing question types.
 Guided practice of previous IELTS test papers of writing exam.
 What should be the preparation before registering the IELTS test.
 Demonstrating discourse markers, and advanced features of writing.
 Calculating the way examiners reward higher bands – the practical aspects.
 Personalized recommendations by the IELTS Counsellor after the assessment.
 Time-saving short-notes for busy people so that their voyage for IELTS ends well.

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