37 - Seeking A Bride Who Aspiring Good And Noble Soul Woman Who Is Committed To Recitation Of The Holy Quran And Five Daily Prayers And Is Serious About Marriage

General Details

1. Name
Syed Farrukh Ubaid
2. Age - 37 Years
3. Gender - Male
4. Height - 6 Feet
5. Cast - Syed
6.Marital Status
Married / Devorced
7.Disability - None
8. Religion Islam
9. Mail ID
[email protected]
10. Whats App Number

Education Details


Property Details

3 Marla Own House In Pthan Colony Near Shahdra.
7 Marla Plot SKP Road Near Qila Star Shah.

Bussnise Details.

Refrigeration Air Conditioning + Electrical + Plumbing Technetion.

Own Business

Everage Monthly Income
30000 Per Month.


Age 25 to 30 years.
Infertility Verging Devorced Widow with 1 child

Are Except able
Aspiring good and noble soul woman who is committed to recitation of the Holy Quran and five daily prayers and is serious about marriage, contact.