INR 7200 / Vintage Brass Lord Vishnu Sitting On Sesha

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Lord Vishnu Narayana Preserver and Protector Figurine Eastern Enlightenment Sculpture – The “preserver” in the Hindu triad (Trimurti), Vishnu is revered as the supreme being in Vaishnavism , as identical to the metaphysical concept of Brahman (Atman, the self, or unchanging ultimate reality), and is notable for adopting various incarnations (such avatars as Rama and Krishna) to preserve and protect dharmic principles whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces. This statue is a representation of super cosmic power.

Material: Brass Patina Finish

Weight: 1573g

Dimensions: 11W X 9D X 19.5H cm


Clean with a soft dry cloth. Keep away from moisture

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