Investors & Sponsors Seeking Business Opportunities

Actually as consultants, we represent a group of angel investors and private sponsors looking for a business partners. In respect to the investors and sponsors we represent, are ready to invest several Billions and are interested to appoint someone/Business Persons, viable and reliable as a personal director to invest a substantial amount of these funds into any business that is permissible to his or her market as well as global market which is subjected to the availability of by-laws that allows for foreign investment.
Also based on a binding agreement with you to manage and invest the funds on a chosen project, these investors are willing to enter into private financing of capital-intensive project with you as well. To cut things short, these investors are interested to either;
- Buy shares in an already running company or business.
- Go into JV partnership.
- Finance your business on profit base to keep it running.
- Partner with you to start up a new business.
- Appoint someone as personal finance director, based on your portfolio to manage and control my funds, invest in any business with a good profit margin of your choice.
- Give lend out as from 1m usd/euro with low interest rate on long term base.
-Invest as Silent Partners
(1) To invest about $10 to 40 Million (Ten to Forty Million Dollars).
(2) To invest in your business or any other lucrative business of your choice.
(3) Is it possible to get the money back in the next 5–10 years while the investment is in progress?
Conclusively, we will appreciate to receive a good BUSINESS PLANS from you as he is very willing to have a round table discussion with you in Dubai for better understanding and we hope this also will be the beginning of a prosperous relationship between both parties. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us now for we do not charge for consulting services your business plan and projects matters.