I would like to share about one of the best blenders in this blog post. The need for a blender raised with the boom of the fitness industry / culture, right around a decade ago. There are a lot of blenders in the market, especially in our Indian market and of course, you might find various cheap blenders too. Then, why should you opt for this product? This question would be answered henceforth.

What makes this blender, the best?

1. Portability – This blender is battery operated and compact in size which would enable you to use this hand blender wherever and wherever you need it. I would say, this is a good news for all the fitness freaks out there as this would mean that, you can make your own protein shakes or supplementary drinks inside your gym itself. This being said, the blender acts as an excellent blender for home uses too, like as a smoothie blender for example.

2. Battery Capacity – As I have already mentioned, this smoothie blender s battery operated and this has a battery capacity of 4000mAh which would facilitate reusable of the blender before plugging it to charger again, which a lot of blenders in the market does not provide.

3. Time Consumed – It is important for a blender to finish its job within a minute as that would ensure the quality and taste of the ingredients inside the blender remains same. This is where, a lot of cheap blenders would fail, but this USB blender can complete its job in a mere 30 seconds time (this ensures the taste and quality of the ingredients as already mentioned)

4. Charging – It would take comparatively lesser time for charging when compared to other blenders, but that is not the highlight here. The highlight is, this blender can also be charged using any ordinary USB cable and it’s not just that, this USB blender can also be charged through power banks, laptops and any other source devices.

I would conclude this post by conveying that, all the features mentioned above makes this Brayden rechargeable blender a go to when compared to other similar blenders in this cheaper cost range. Not to mention, if I would have to rank ‘Top 10 best blenders in India’, this would definitely be the first one to be on my list.

You can have a look at the above mentioned hand blender here, https://www.harkin.in/rechargeable-blender.html
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Mumbai, Appliances, INR 749 / USB BlenderMumbai, Appliances, INR 749 / USB BlenderMumbai, Appliances, INR 749 / USB BlenderMumbai, Appliances, INR 749 / USB Blender