Am Sudanese Girl Hardworking, And Dedicated Junior Doctor Looking For Job

am graduate in National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan
Nov 2012 - Dec 2017
work experience
License of Saudi medical licensure examination
Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sep 2020
Certificate of Pulmonary Resuscitation (Basic Life Support)
King Saud Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dec 2019
Certificate of Attendance - CTG
Imam Abdulrahman Alfaisal University - King Fahad Hospital., Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Feb 2019
Certificate of Attendance in The Pregnancy Delivery Moments
to Remember Course
Maternity and Children Hospital, Dammam
Jan 2019
Microsoft Office
Communication and
organizational skills
Self-learning ability
References available on request.

Medical Assistant (Intern)
Dammam Medical Complex, and Maternity And Children Hospital, Dammam
Measured patient's vitals and prepared case paper to assist in physician's diagnosis.
Documented patient's medical history and worked with the nursing team to collect and
handle blood and urine samples for sending it to the pathological lab.
Recorded patient's blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, medical history, and ongoing
medications to update it in the database.
Worked with the administrative department to perform various duties like patient
scheduling, entering medical information in the database, and giving timely reminders to
patients about follow‑ups.
Performed various medical procedures such as catheterization, biopsies, and intubation as
instructed by the supervisor.
Updated patients' database, and educated their family members on the right methods for
taking medications.
Coordinated with the clinical team for delivering emergency care to patients suffering from
injuries and aggravated medical conditions.
Performed initial diagnosis, identified the nature and cause of problems, and reported the
same to senior doctors.
Worked with the hospital's multi‑disciplinary team including Resident Medical Officer and
General Practitioner to ensure that the patients receive a holistic and person‑centric
Arabic English French
date of birth : 15-12-93