GBP 100 / Know More About White German Shepherd With Paws And Whiskers
When we listen to a German shepherd, the first thing that pops into people’s brain is that It is a brown colored large dog, who barks a lot and can even bite. It gives an image of a scary dog but when we hear about white German shepherds then who is it? Some people are not aware of what a white German shepherd is.
White German shepherd
They are a variety of German shepherd only but the only difference is that they have a white coat color. They are white because of the presence of the recessive color gene. Some people think that a white German shepherd is an abnormal breed, but that’s not true it is just the genetics that makes them white plus cute and adorable. They look less scary than the original German shepherd. But just like them, they are strong and protective. Just like the other dogs, they are loyal and intelligent. They love to play around and looking at their size and muscles, they defiantly need a lot of exercises to stay fit and fins.
White German shepherd vs. standard German shepherd
First and the major observable difference between the two is their color coat. The standard germen shepherd is usually seen with the two-color coats but white German shepherd might or might not have double coat color. And another thing that is different between the two is that the white German shepherd has slightly longer fur than the standard German shepherd.
But they both are cute, adorable, and caring dogs. To know more about they visit paws and whiskers’ website and get more information about your pet.

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