Planetary Strring Cooking Mixer Jacketed Kettle With Agitator For Making Fruit Candy Jam

As a professional manufacturer of food machinery, we provide all kinds of heating and mixing solutions for our customers, who produce different kinds of food materials.
This Planetary Jacketed Kettle can help to make sauce of various grades in large quantity. Its automatic operation help customers reduce labor cost and increase productivity. It can be heated with infra-red burner, which can save upto 30-40% gas energy and reach the desired temperature within a very short time. Planetary Jacketed Kettle With Agitator can be applicable to cook all other food stuff, such as hot pot sauce, chili sauce, tomato ketchup sauce, meat and vegetables, etc.

Planetary Jacketed Kettle With Agitator has become our best seller. It has oval shape cooking bowl, which provides large heating area. Jacketed Kettle is equipped with double planetary mixing system to ensure thorough mixing. With extending the height of the pot edge, it can reach as big capacity as 800L. Cooking Jacketed Kettle is especially popular in big factories which have regular consumption of their products. The Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator can have several heating method as per requirement by customers. Gas heating and electric induction heating are the most two common ones.

Planetary Jacketed Kettle Superior Features:
-Stable without body shaking while in operation, but movable with heavy duty casters
-Durable quality for continuous working 24/7
-12 months warranty & lifetime maintenance free of charge
-Accurate wireless temperature control devices
-Automatic gas entry
-Separate control of gas entry for various processing
-Oval shape bowl to provide larger heating area

Advanced Manufacturing Machinery And Techniques:
We are proud of our staff, who are responsible and with rich experience. Combination with our staff first-class skill and the aid of our big scale laser machines, our products are highly commented by our customers and thereby help us earn more regular customers.

Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Longze Machinery” in short), officially established in 2012, based in Zhucheng City, Weifang, Shandong Province, China, is a professional manufacturer of cooking and mixing machinery for food and snacks, including industrial popcorn machine, planetary cooking mixer, jacketed kettle, pressure/vacuum cooker, which are universal to make spices, chili sauce, curry sauce, fruit jam, sweets, Halva, paste, nougat, candied fruits, coated nuts, fillings, vegetables, meat------
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