Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu,

Dear parents,

We are seeking groom for our daughter,
pursuing 3rd year
Color fair
Slim & beautifull alhamdulillah
22 years old
Height - 5.4

We are seeking deendar, well qualified groom , who should be atleast graduate and working professional. Age shouldn't be more than 28 years.

we are seeking groom from family who are free from shirk and biddah.

We are from Hyderabad, India. And we are seeking groom from Hyderabad, India only.

If found suitable please send us profile on WhatsApp

Or email at

[email protected]

Please other people than hyderabad, India dont send and also please send bio data and photos first then InshaALLAH we will send you our details.