Project Manger / Road And Infrastructure Projects

About (27 years) of experience of position Project Manager for Projects engineering consultancy and achieve the goals of Project Management, implementation of the project to apply the highest quality and the lowest cost in safe ways.
-*Responsible for achieving tasks (planning - cost management, time management and supervision, goal setting, delivery on time, staying on budget, keeping client and your boss in the loop, conflict manager, contract drafting, risk management)
-*Experience in civil engineering Projects:
-* (Road, Infrastructure, Bridges and Building work).
( Road , Storm daring network- Sewage network- - Water supply networks - Bridges – Electrical network(MV and LV) - Telecom network- Irrigation network and firefighting networks - Fire alarm network- Protection of Roads – Landscape – street lighting network – Solar system street lighting - schools -Girls College - Resorts and tourist villages- Residential buildings and villas-Ground Tanks-Water pumping stations - Sewage pump stations - Irrigation pump stations - Box culverts- Generators rooms )
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E-mail: [email protected]
Jeddah – KSA