Liquid nitrogen is used in wide range of industrial and medical applications. Any liquefied gas having a normal boiling point below –130°F (–90°C) is known as a cryogenic liquid. It is inert, odorless and tasteless with cryogenic temperature. We fabricate and supply liquid nitrogen plant with high quality materials and advanced technology.

Liquid nitrogen is used in food packaging so that freshness, texture and taste of food could be maintained. Also finds applications in preservation of blood, sperm, tissues and various other types of biological specimens. Nitrogen is also useful for displacing oxygen to prevent moisture and oxidation. It makes sense for companies engaged in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, etc to install onsite liquid nitrogen manufacturing plant.

Our Products:-

> Nitrogen Gas Plant
> Acetylene Gas Plant
> Liquid Oxygen Plant
> Liquid Nitrogen Plant
> PSA Medical Oxygen Plant
> Oxygen Gas Generator Plant
> Cryogenic Oxygen Nitrogen Plant
> Medical Oxygen Cylinder Filling Plant

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