NPK Fertilizer Granulation Machine Adapts To Various Formulas To Save Energy
NPK fertilizer granulator is an important process in fertilizer production and processing, which is used to granulate NPK after preparation and various organic substances after fermentation. The forming rate of the fertilizer granulator is a direct reflection of the quality of the fertilizer production equipment, and also determines the customer's profit. First, the material is made into granules by a granulator, and then the granules are made into small spheres through the equipment, which greatly increases the density during the compression of the granules, so it is not easy to loosen during the rolling process, ensuring different materials High molding rate.

Organic fertilizer granulator has a high granulation rate and stable operation, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost. In addition, the equipment itself is durable, has a long service life, and a stable base design makes its operation more stable. It has become the ideal choice for the majority of users. Grain equipment. The fertilizer granulator we designed breaks through the conventional organic granulation process. Before granulation, the granules can be processed without drying or crushing the raw materials. The qualified granulation rate is as high as 80-90% or more, adapting to many different The formula can save a lot of energy.

Safety inspection is an effective means to understand the operation status of fertilizer granulator and predict the operation changes of fertilizer granulator. Its basic purpose is to avoid the failure or accident of safety equipment and ensure the safety of production and operation. The daily maintenance of fertilizer production line ( shall be carried out on time to ensure the normal operation of fertilizer production.
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