INR 1499 / Alkaline Water FIlter Jug -Best Activated Carbon Water Filter

This activated carbon electric water filter is a portable water filtering jug, designed with Indian customers in mind by global experts. The convenience of water filtering in a jug is as simple as Watamate Puro.

Activated Carbon Filtration Technology deploys a multi-layer composite filtration device to extract dangerous bacteria, chlorine scent, evident toxins. The input water in the funnel is kept by the BPA free food grade large 2.6-liter volume jug. In the jug, filtered water is stored within a few minutes,
puro Fil Cartridge (Available Separately) can be refilled with Watamate Puro. Each cartridge can work up to 60 days for normal use for individual consumption. I would highly recommend it for anyone, especially if you are a hosteler or student who stay up in PG, senior citizens, and for your children

My personal experience with this best-activated carbon water filter is simply amazing, I have the feeling of satisfaction that I’m providing my family the best and for the cost, it comes in, this is the best water filter jug you will get in the market. It is built up of good grade and good quality material, also as it holds up to 2.6L I don’t have to fill the jug very often which is a great thing.

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