Purchase / Procurement / Buyer - Transferable Iqama

Please find the below details for the position of Purchase / Procurement / Buyer/ Logistics / Customs. I'm particularly interested in this opening, which relates strongly to my over 7.5 years’ rich experience in the areas of Logistics, Purchase & Procurement (local and overseas), Cost Optimization, Customs , Management, Operational Excellence, besides others.
Currently working as Senior Purchasing Specialist for local and import purchase / Logistics executive in one of the reputed company in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia and I truly believe that I meet all the essential criteria for this position. I wish to relocate anywhere within GCC.

Job Summary.

1. Handling complete data entry in ERP system right from creating the part number for new parts, Issuing PO, GRN entry upon the goods arrival.

2. Skilled in ensuring suppliers (Local and overseas) meet service, cost, delivery & quality expectations as well as providing outstanding value in product technology and supplier innovation.

3. Complete follow ups with the supplier upon the order placed and providing regular updates to our warehouse and the end user about the order status.

4. As dealing with overseas suppliers on a daily basis, complete Freight and customs follow-ups is maintained regularly and also Expertise in planning & optimizing efficient movement of material in compliance with company policies, procedures & local laws (like saber), including in country transportation as well as importation of goods as required.

5. Issuing and following of payment request from the Finance department, depending on the payment terms and following with them on a regular interval.

6. Maintaining and filing the complete records beginning from the purchase request till closing of the order is maintained for future records.

I am now looking to take up a new role in Procurement Operations with a reputed organization. Though I have rich experience in the Precast industries, I wish to spread my knowledge in other industries as well.

Based on the solid foundation of impeccable and diverse experience you can view that I am very eligible for senior leadership roles. My vision has always been big, encompassing the entire organization, rather than a myopic viewpoint delegated to one department or specialty alone.

I look forward to discussing your objectives and how we can work together to accomplish them.
Transferable Iqama and Saudi Driving License Available.