21 - I'm Seeking Groom For My Daughter

I’m seeking groom for my daughter
Assalamualaikum wr wb
I’m seeking groom for my daughter
Age : 21
Color : fair
Qualification : BBA
Height : 5.7

Description: she has grown up in Sharjah
all her studies has been completed in sharjah .
She is islamic and follow sunnah.

Groom details :
Age : 21 - 28
Qualification: any graduate
Height : 5.8 - 6ft
Preferly for Hyderabad or mahboob nagar family only
Groom should be Dubai iqama holder, US citizen pr holder, Australia and Canada
Groom should be deendar,praying 5times salah and follow sunnah.
Please excuse agent's and second marriage
Serious family can forward suitable groom biodata and pictures
If it's suitable we will response
Contact no:
What's app - +971552795316