Required accountant with at least 3-5 years experience in retail and contracting experience
Salary Budget 3600 - 4300 SAR based on skills experience

Required job tasks:
The accountant performs but not limited to the following tasks:
- To perform item coding of the products and items sold
- Entering purchase Orders and Bills
- Entering sales invoices, including completed works on site (Percent Completion)
- Preparing and submitting accounting reports, including the financial statements
- Carrying out the tasks of Human resources, salary schedule and working hours monitoring
- Review Inventory of products at warehouse periodically to ensure correct quantities
- Carrying out other accounting tasks

Required qualifications:
- BA in Accounting
- Experience of not less than 3 years in the work of a walker
- Excellent knowledge of Excel including advanced functions
- Knowledge of cloud accounting software
Other qualifications and conditions:
- Job type: Single
- A residence permit valid for at least 3 months and transferable for non-citizens
- Contract Duration : 1 year

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