Industrial Sandblast Machine For Sale Immediately
Model: HSB-001

Multifunctional Sandblasting Cabinet Specs;

Dimensions - L1000mm * W1000mm * H215mm

Internal Size - L950mm * W950mm * H890mm

Power - 220V, 50Hz

Weight - 700Kg

Machine Floodlight - 220V, 15W energy saving lamp

Compressed Air Source - Pressure 5 - 8 bar (kg/cm2) , Flow 1.5 - 0.3m3/min
Dry and clean to compress air. Dedusting motor - 220V, 50Hz, 0.5KW

DedustingMethod - Dust Removal Filter, Pulse-jet cleaning

The sandblast cabinet with the excellent advantage of Manual Automatic One-button Switch, except for manual operation, you can achieve automatic blasting, through auto gun swing settings, automatic time selection settings, automatic dust removing by pulse filter, and other variety of sandblasting mode selection. The high-performance blasting machine is environmentally protected and energy-saving.

Why choose a sandblasting cabinet?
The sandblasting process now has replaced chemical cleaning which is more environmental-protective and saves the sewage charge. Abrasive blasting overcomes the difficulty to clean awkward corners, which is hard by manual.
By using different abrasives, the blast machine can attain versatile purposes, for example, using brown aluminum oxide to remove rust and oxide layers, using glass beads to blast aluminum for an artistic surface, for deburring purpose, it requires angular abrasives, like oblique white corundum, steel grit.

Dubai, Heavy Equipment, AED 20000 / Sand Blaster