A 100-hour Java Certification Training For Beginners And The Experienced

For a beginner-friendly programming language like Java, the Java certification training offers the perfect opportunity to validate the skills learned and observe a steep career path than those without the certification.

IIT Workforce is a popular live, project-based IT training provider to our interns to ensure hands-on knowledge of crucial technologies like Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Python, Java, and Selenium.

Our Java certification training is also a real-time project-based training that essentially helps our learners gain the most advanced technical skills which are applicable to the actual work. Working on projects helps our interns in developing domain experience and build team-player skills which are crucial for all the Java developers during the project execution.

All our interns develop a deep understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC) in an Agile environment, collaborating with various teams involved in the project, networking with peers, sharing knowledge, etc.

Once each of our interns emerges as a leader after the course completion. Next, they undergo resume-building exercises, mock interview sessions handled by hiring managers, and interview-grooming modules as a part of 100% placement assistance offered by us.

Key takeaways of enrolling in the Java Certification Training program at IIT WorkForce:
• Hands-on verifiable experience on resume

• Building a real-time experience that counts

• Agile methodology-based projects

• Daily standup meetings, scrum meetings, user story reviews, and execution.

• Projects reviewed by team leads daily

• Live Project-Based training to Get You Job-ready

• Mock-interviews conducted by actual industry hiring managers

• Peer reviews and feedback.

• Resume-building session

• Placement assistance
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