INR 4999 / Digital Pressure Cooker Buy Online

One of the must-have Kitchen Appliances Includes Electric pressure Cooker on the checklist. In an era of a fast phase environment, all things are been made easy and fast with the help of technology. Geek Robocook is one such product, which is made with the mindset of ease of use and to save time. This Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker comes in various models and sizes.

This Electric Pressure Cooker is 10x faster than any normal pressure cooker available in the market. To name some of its features, which are amazing, it has 13 inbuilt menu options, 11 in 1 functionality, and the important one is that it has got 7 safety guards.

It is has got 2 different sets of pots; namely Non-stick and stainless steel which gives the user to customize their product as per their wish. We got an 8L Non-stick Digital Pressure Cooker, and simply to say it made my life easier. As daily we rush in the mornings, we had to miss the lunch and had always take-outs, but with this Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker it makes so much easier for us to make breakfast and lunch simultaneously and a lot easier.

Also, Geek Robocook Electric Pressure Cooker Price is best available in the market for the quality given, programmable Intelligent Cooking is what renders Geek Robocook the most intelligent Electric Pressure Cooker. It regulates pressure, heat, and time automatically so that you'll get perfect meals. That guarantees you don't have to waste your precious time in the kitchen. It also makes post-meal cleaning up a lot easier because it reduces the number of vessels you cook with.

One of the most attractive feature is the pre-set menu options to make Indian Recipes and Slow cooker mode. Will highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is an art to preserve the nutrients in the food you prepare. Mastered by our parents and grandparents who knew that simmering food was healthier to prepare. With the Robocook Digital Pressure Cooker, you can do that it can cook slowly for up to 9.5 hours. It helps retain more stable nutrients in the meal. The nutrients which dissipate in heating are reabsorbed by Robocook Digi Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker.

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