Mechanical Engineer/Production Supervisor/Merchant

I am a graduate in mechanical engineering seeking for a suitable job as per my qualification.

I had worked in export/import industry of India for nearly 2 years and 6 months, where i was scheduling and supervising the manufacturing processes involved, scheduling and managing production planning, production meetings, and also help in preparing documentation, presentations and product related reporta and provide them to clients to aware them about the status and development on their orders.

I am proficient in MS Office (excel, word, powerpoint) , English and Hindi language both verbal and written. Have basic knowledge of C and Python programming languages and SQL database.

I am being known for detail oriented, keen observer, hard working, focused, curious, obedient, honest, loyal, ambitious, proactive in nature. I am a well organised team player.

Contact No: +91-9045302814
Email: [email protected]