Horizontal Mixer Machine Mixing For Powder Products

Although our main products are Cooking Mixers, we also manufacture other food processing machines, such as horizontal mixer, steam jacketed kettle, and vacuum mixer machine. Our stirrers can be applied to cooking bean paste, data paste, sauce, curry, jam, jelly, peanut sugar, sesame sugar, sweets, minced meat, and soup at bakeries, restaurants, shops, schools, and food industrials, etc.
Horizontal Mixer Machine Applications
Can be used for Solid Food and Powder.FeaturesSuitable for Solid Food and Powder.Auto lifting cover, Auto tilting bowl.Horizontal Mixing Style.Two Mixing Arms can mix completely.Can do cooling during the mixing process (optional).Variable mixing speed.Clockwise and Anti-clockwise mixing system.
Longze machinery has been offering a wide range of food cooking mixers and Horizontal Mixer Machine for 10 years, they always make sure to meet each customer's cooking demands.
Food Used Tilting Type Automatic 500L Industrial Food Horizontal Mixer Machine/Stainless Steel Horizontal Mixer Machine

The Food Used Tilting Type Automatic 200L Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine is made of stainless steel, automatic cooking mixer, from 300L to 800L, with CE approval.
Detailed Photos of 500L Industrial Electric Cooking Pot/Stainless Steel Gas Jacketed Kettle Mixer

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