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· Cryptography

Learn to transfer the data through encryption from one place to another to ensure the security of the data. Modern Ciphers, Asymmetric & Symmetric keys, Hashing, Encryption process, Cryptographic Protocols, Tools, and Attacks should be the main concern of the module.

· Footprinting & System Hacking

To secure the computer system from the attacks it is beneficial to know how hackers seek the vulnerability and perform hacking, for that Footprinting and System Hacking should be the part of Cyber Security course modules.

· Networking Scanning

Scanning networks to find malicious networks — network scanning types, port scanning & its tools, and Network Architecture are the major parts of this module.

· Mobile and Web Application Security

Cyber Security courses should include security measures for mobile and web applications because these are the primary source of hacking your system.

· Firewall

A firewall has very specific features for the protection of a computer system from unwanted sources. Therefore, it should be taught thoroughly.

· Injection

To ensure the security of database SQL Injection should be included in the Ethical Hacking course.

· Web Servers

Security tools like Nmap & Metasploit should be taught to maintain the security of Web servers.

· Cloud and IoT Security

Cloud and IoT are the latest emerging technologies and every other organization wants to implement it. Therefore, it is understandable to learn security measures under this category.

· Cyber Threats and Attacks

Malware, Denial-of-service attacks, Man-in-the-middle attack, Social engineering attacks, Spoofing, Phishing are some common cyber-attacks that should be included under the Cyber Security course syllabus.


We have compiled the list of some majorly significant modules of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking that should be incorporated in their courses. Learners can pursue Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Training to Understand these modules thoroughly.