CAD 25 / All Sports Betting Picks At Parlay Market Exchange Website

The Parlay Market Exchange is a sports monitoring service which tracks handicappers and regular bettors sports betting picks. The way the system works, players are required to enter anywhere from 2 to 10 picks from a certain sport, the system will then take the amount wagered and produce the payout it will pay if all the picks win. The PMX covers most of the major sports such as; NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball, College Basketball, NFL Football, College Football, Canadian Football and Major League Baseball. Finding a sports monitoring service such as the Parlay Market Exchange is being able to find handicappers and bettors who can produce winning sports betting picks on a regular basis. In order to make money at sports betting, you need to have winning picks and if you can find a good handicapper who can produce on a consistent basis, then you will monitor their picks on a daily basis and pick your spots to wager on those games. For more details, do visit our website at: