Gold Detector App
Gold Detector app is an application or app that is installed on smartphones or tablets, whether it

is running Android operating system, such as Samsung, Huawei or Nokia devices, or iOS devices from Apple

such as the iPhone or iPad.

These applications (apps) for detecting gold or metals in general depend on magnetic sensors present in most modern

smart phones and tablets , So that the application depends on measuring the change in magnetic fields around the phone using this sensor

and the digital value within the application is displayed on the device screen visually either as a visual indicator or graph ( circular or rectangular)

or variable number and the display method differs from one application to another application but within the same general idea.

Gold detectors and metal detectors rely on various technologies to search for gold, precious metals and buried treasures.

Metal Detector App
Metal Detector app as explained previously can be used to detect metal in short range distances

the sensor in smartphone detect magnetic field around the metal object such as spoon,coin,ring…

Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have a variety of metal detector app that use a variety of attractive interfaces for the best user experience.

Below we will review some of the best metal detector apps for both Android, iOS
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