It’s in our name – we compare power companies to help your NZ business or home get the best possible deal on electricity and/or gas.

When you hire us, we’ll do a thorough analysis of your company’s power usage and plans for the future, and we’ll then use our knowledge, expertise, and contacts in the industry to get a deal that will save you money and meet your needs.

We can help whether you are in the market for electricity or gas, and we will compare prices from companies across NZ. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

At Compare Power Companies, we specialise in helping NZ businesses and homeowners find the most suitable and cost-effective energy deals. Our services include:

Negotiating energy rates for electricity anywhere in New Zealand

Negotiating energy rates for natural gas on the North Island

Negotiating the most competitive pricing for Time of Use (TOU) customers at contract expiration

We are independent and, because of our experience, we have access to broker and industry networks that are not available to standard business customers.

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