Full-Fledged Lawyers As Freelance Special Retainers - Home Visits Available!

Available Full-Fledged Lawyer-Cum-Forensics Law Advocate High Court as Freelance Special Retainers on an as-needed basis / Ongoing Litigation Interventions Adjunct Correspondent / Associate Attorney For Occasional Legal Advice, Sessions & Drafting Contracts on a Periodic Or for a Specific Case Or Mediations "A Go-Between Due Diligence" Project(s).

>> Pandemic Law Practice: Our Boutique Firm Lawyers Are Firmly Serving Clients & Keeping the Wheels of Justice Turning Build on the dynamic capability-based model perspective (DCP) via IT reconfiguration!

>> Lawyers That Go To You!
We understand with work and family life you have a number of commitments making it challenging to take time off to travel to a law office outside of the city with limited business hours. With our Lawyer On Wheels service, we offer mobile signings across Karachi. We accommodate evening, weekend signings & can attend your residence, workplace or brokerage.

>> A Mobile-based law Chamber truly "Lawyers On Wheels". We will come to you when handling your legal matters because we are sustainably outsourced digital execution integrated strategies approaches across active & cross native platforms.

>> Outside The Box!
We are not traditional, we think outside the box! We provide our client's effective solutions that you won't find anywhere else.