USD 45000 / Hot Sale GREENMAX Foam Densifier M-C200

GREENMAX foam densifier M-C200 provides a great method to waste EPS recycling. GREENMAX Mars C200 melting machine is a big scale machine for waste foam such as EPS recycling. The applicable materials are various, including EPE foam, EPS, EPP, and so on. Specializing in waste plastic foam melting, it can reduce the foam volume at a high ratio of 90:1, which could offer convenience for waste collectors. For more details please contact us:+1 909 906 0333

Saving: Save cost and space by compressing your EPS and waste PE foam reducing waste hauling;
Benefit: We PURCHASE BACK all your compacted foam;
Environment Responsibility: Earn public relations points as a green business;
Ease of Use: Simple, Safe, One-person operation;

New York, Heavy Equipment, USD 45000 / Hot Sale GREENMAX Foam Densifier M-C200