⚡⚡Looking For Honest Silent Investor Business Partner For Helal Business//⚡⚡

Note The Business will be in Dubai Abudhabi Arab Emirates if you are interested to try your Luck in United Arab Emirates Please Read my Ad Thanks

Hello ,
I'm a Turkish chef with many years experience as manager and as chef, project is like money i can't invest any money but i can share my Experience Recipe Project with The Right person we are planning to bring a concept from Turkey I'm looking for a strong silent investor Business man Without financial money problems who can do all investment and be the owner of the Business i expect 20 percent of the profit and good salary the owner no need to work, money from your side the rest from my side I will run the Business with my way and experience i will arange all requirements for set up the Business, we are planning to open and to be one of the best Turkish Fast Food Restaurant in the market with the item's Shawarma Doner Grill Pizza Hamburger Appetizer which is Suitable for every Nationality Turkish Food is international Food and Famous in most countries we have a strong plan and good idea.

What is making us different from other ?
Once you test our food you will understand why and what makes us different.

Do you want a proof of our food ?
No Problem We can make a proof You can test first the food from the best selling Restaurants in the market and after you can test our food Than you will have enough proof to open a Restaurant with our Recipe or not We have invested lot of time and experience to create this Recipe As you know experience are priceless.

How much profit can be made ?
We can Add 100% percent profit margin if you wish in every menü item which means we can make very high profit with the time and if we are lucky The quality decides the price once you test our food you will understand the value then you can decide how much profit you are going to add per item.

Our plan is to be like The Biggest Fast Food Chains Brands for Example like
》KFC Fried Chicken
》Burger King
》Pizza Hut
in our style with Our Concept.

Our Future Goal is to Open Shops and to Provide Franchising to grow as possible in
》Arabien gulf country's
》United States
》United Kingdom

If we follow this rules as possible we can make the best insallah
》Costumer is always Right
》Food with always same Recipe
》High Quality
》Clean hijyenik Food
》Quick Service
》Quick Delivery
》Good Price's
》Good Location
》Car Parking Space
》More Advertising
》Team Work

》Cctv Camera & Cashier System P.O.S Machine can be installed to have long time partnership and to trust each other The partner will get dayli sales Report from each Restaurant.

Please don't contact me if you are not ready to offer me a agreement paper in which my rights and your rights are saved.

Please stay away if you are information collector scammer or time waster Or in future problem or trouble maker Thanks A lot

For more info Please feel free to contact me anytime, i will share with you the Business Details, I'm also ready for meeting.WhatsApp +97336138834