Compost Turner Machine Used For The Fertilizer Fermentation Process

After the high temperature stage of composting process, the amount of antagonistic bacteria can reach a high level; the organic matter in the composting process is not easy to decompose, stable and easily absorbed by crops under the action of microorganisms; at the same time, under the high temperature condition, the toxicity of heavy metals to microorganisms can reach a high level. In a certain range, microorganisms can reduce metal oxides. Fermentation is a simple and effective fertilizer manufacturing process, which is conducive to the development of ecological agriculture. The organic fertilizer production equipment processes the waste into compost and further processes it into organic fertilizer.

Fermentation composting tools - compost turning machine
In the fermentation process, the compost needs to be turned over. The double screws compost turner is suitable for large-scale organic fertilizer factory to ferment and compost. Generally, when the composting temperature exceeds the peak value and the temperature decreases, the turner can mix the inner materials with the outer materials, and remix the materials with different decomposition temperature. If the humidity is not enough, some water can be added to promote the compost fermentation.

We provide the compost processing equipment, organic fertilizer granulator will ferment the compost into granules, increasing the value of fermentation products.
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