Multifunctional And Efficient NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulator

Stirring drum granulator can not only granulate the organic matter after fermentation, but also granulate a variety of NPK fertilizers. It is an efficient multifunctional granulator. NPK fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation in the process of fertilizer production, using water as the medium, not only the granulation speed is fast, the process efficiency is high, but also the strength of fertilizer particles is high.

Function and production principle of NPK organic compound fertilizer granulator
NPK fertilizer granulator is the key equipment of wet granulation. It is used together with the dryer in the fertilizer production line ( to complete the wet granulation process of organic fertilizer. In the process of granulation, by adjusting the circumferential linear velocity and average residence time of the agitator, the granulation quality requirements of various organic fertilizer materials can be met. Compared with the traditional drum granulator, the process efficiency of the organic compound fertilizer granulator is significantly improved. If the size of the agitator is properly selected, such as radius 800-1000mm, the production capacity of the equipment can reach 8t/h or higher. The filling amount and residence time of organic fertilizer material in granulator are affected by the rotational speed of stirring gear shaft. When the yield of pelletizing fertilizer is constant, the filling amount and residence time decrease proportionally with the speed of the agitating gear shaft.

As a manufacturer of organic fert​ilizer production equipment, Zhengzhou Huaqiang provides a variety of fertilizer granulators and fertilizer production processes. In order to increase fertilizer efficiency and improve production efficiency, we continue to develop more efficient fertilizer granulation machine.
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