Ayurveda Body Therapy In Wortley Village

The Mother of all Healing - Ayurveda Body Therapy At LONCANI in Canada - Natural Treatments

In this therapy, you would be principally going through certain stages for physical, mental, and emotional balance. We are generalizing the stages in accordance with the standard structure:

Stage 1: The treatment would commence from purifying your soul that would include the daily traditional rituals of detoxification, yoga and meditation.
Stage 2: Carrying forward, would make the progression to special diets and herbal remedies depending on your health issues and pain-points.
Stage 3: You would be put under a thorough full-body massage therapy or the one you would be referred to or you have chosen.

In Ayurveda Body Therapy you need to follow all the stages in discipline to achieve the best out of it. We are happy to mention that in Canada we have three diversifications of this therapy that is listed exclusively on LONCANI:

1). Ayurvedic Facials that include Goddess Facial and Glycolic Facial.
2). Mind-Body & Soul Ayurveda Body Therapy that includes Blissful Blend Massage, Ayurvedic Massage Duo, The Shirodhara Ritual, Shiro-Abhyanga Massage, Ayurvedic Udvartana, Herbal Pedicure (Pada-Soundarya), and Vibration-based Ayurveda Treatment.
3). Shakti Ayurvedic includes a beautiful self-love facial massage treatment.

Our mission is to assist women in embracing their devine feminine energy through the ancient practices of Ayurveda.

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Ottawa, Beautician, Ayurveda Body Therapy In Wortley VillageOttawa, Beautician, Ayurveda Body Therapy In Wortley Village