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Packaging pouches are used in various products such as for food, grains, Chemical, Liquid, Medicines, Cosmetics, Tubes, vegetables, secret documents, ecommerce, covers of any things and many more. Almost in all industries such as Food, Agriculture, Medicines, Beverages, Chemicals and each & every industries, packaging pouches are preferred for packing because of their lots of advantages like light weight, low cost, increase the shelf-life of products, building brand image, enhance the appeal etc. We are able to offer every type of Flexible Packaging materials.
Lamination pouches are available from 1 gm, 2 gm, 5 gm to 10 Kgs. These pouches can be made only from LDPE, LLDPE + PET or LDPE + MAT PET+ PET (single Layer, Two Layer or Three Layer). These pouches can be in various shapes and sizes standing pouch vacuum pouch, gusset pouch, Zip Pouch etc.
Solos Polymers Pvt. Ltd (SPPL) world is a trustworthy manufacturer and offers premium quality Laminated Pouches. For any queries contact us at +91 99798-40809 or Get in Touch at [email protected]
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