Research Writing , Thesis , Assignment Or Proposal Writing

Hello everyone,
I am professional writer and tutor regarding academic as well as scientific writing. I am a PhD, worked as scientist at Michigan State University, US. I am teaching academic writing to pupils from undergrad to doctoral students. I can help you in completing the tasks regarding any kind of academic literature, assignment writing, research proposal writing, Research synopsis writing. Even I can help you in completion of your dissertation writing. I can help you organize your literature to complete your said task within due time. I also help in preparing GRE and GAT quant for securing admissions in international and local universities.

*Course modules are as follows:
- Research Proposal or synopsis (With the help of assigned topic)

-Assignment task (Any kind of assignment can be furnished on demand)

-Presentation Skills (Business and Professional Presentation)

-Dissertation (Undergraduate to Post-graduate level, any chapter or complete can be writting)

-Plagiarism (Checking at turnitin and removal of plagiarism)

-Arithmetic (Averages, Ratios, percentages, Fractions, Decimals, Exponents and roots)

-Algebra (Functions, inequalities, absolute values, numbers and word problems)

-Geometry (Triangles, Rectangles and polygons, circles and cylinders)

-Data interpretation (Standard deviation and normal distribution, Probability, Combinatorics, overlapping sets and percentiles, Range)


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