Financial Modeling And Equity Valuation Training

A good financial modeler must know how the three financial statements (the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow) work and linked together. They must understand corporate finance theory and be able to apply it to the valuation process. They must possess industry-specific knowledge and must think analytically and last but not least, must have strong Advance Excel skills.
The Program on, Financial Modelling & Valuation Analysis At RVM Finishing School deal with its Practical Implementation. The Program covers Basics & Advance MS-Excel formulation and its use to make financial models from Scratch, Annual Reports of companies and handling with the actual difficulties and error in such analysis, understanding the practical utility of Valuation Analysis.
The candidates would also be taken through the process of building financial models for projects handled by them. The program includes classroom and online teaching with video support, Case Study, and Certification at the end.
Learn financial analysis for trading, certification, and valuation through an RVM course from one of the best instructors. The candidates will learn to create efficient, robust, and flexible financial models to report and analyze historical data, prepare future projections, and present integrated financial statements, key financial ratios, outputs in a logical, summarized, and effective manner.
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