Made of premium printed Georgette. The fabric is breathable, easily absorb any humidity or sweat and skin friendly
Filter insert slot to insert PM 2.5 filter for additional protection against harmful airborne particles. PM 2.5 filters are replaceable; each filter has a lifespan of 100-hours use time. The pack contains 2 of these filters. Additionally Filters can be purchased separately.
The ear loop of face mask is adjustable; you could freely change its length according to your face contour.
Easy to roll and Crease-resistant. Because of fabric’s density, it occupies very less space in the purse
Multi-Functional design – It can be worn as a scarf and various styles as a cape top.

Ideal way to cover one’s head while riding a two-wheeler and hot summers. The huge covering area will protect hairs from sun, wind and pollution. The adjustable belt will help in proper fitting of the face mask to your head, according to your head size. The long length of fabric covers your neck and shoulder area, thus protecting against UV rays of sunlight.
Ideal for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution levels.mask-scarf

Tumbler Wash and Low Temperature Ironing Only; Not Fire Resistant
Always wash your hand with soap and water or sanitize them with alcohol rub before and after using the mask