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The Indonesian population is estimated at 265 million, with Jakarta the key consumption market with over 10.8 million estimated population in 2019. GDP continues to rise in Indonesia and demand for animal-based protein such as beef and dairy remains strong every year. The local beef production has not been able to support the demand for beef in the country, so the government must import to cover the lack of domestic beef supply. Local production does not meet demand, which indicates a great potential for cattle farming.

Todays our government implements a policy to open up wide-ranging direct investment opportunities. This opportunity provides for the foreign and local investors to invest directly in Indonesia. At this moment We have the intention to build a new smart beef cattle farm and a new feedmill plant in Indonesia with capacity 4,000 head/year with status a foreign direct investment company. The aim is to produce the live cattle for Indonesia market and South East Asia regional.
Note. The project will be constructed by European experts and complying with EU standard.
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