We are a group of experienced freelance marketer running a lead generating pages and need some funding to continue running and to also register it as a legal business.

Each lead we can sell to companies between 2k-10k depends how big is the project.

ROI is very high and expenses are very low.

If you are an openminded and looking for a longterm and high profit income investment contact us on Whatsapp: +971585896974 or email: [email protected]

If you are a scammer and wants to waste time?
Just please don't exert effort to even message us since we do not have time for your whiny slimy scam scheme! Thank you!

Grace Marie

We have all proof of our transactions, have existing clients, no scam, no lie in the name of God, 100% genuine business project.
Share will be 70% (investor) and 30% (Project Manager).