Telecom Engineer Looking For Job

I'm telecommunication engineer having experience and transferable iqama
#Phone number 0538212303
#Driving licence
*Working as Site Engineer with Tahakom projects (Saher Camera).
(10-Apr-2014 till 20-feb-2016)
(A) i worked as Alarm Monitoring Shift Lead in huawei Solutions & Networks on the payroll of ALTRAN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., as AM/FMEngineer.

Responsibilities: AM BSS Engineer:-
• first Level Assurance Engineer (BSS-GNOC) Preparing & Sharing the vitalReports of telecom. o E.g. Cell outage Report, ACTIVE AlarmReport.
• Working as 2G, 3G & LTE AM engineer on huawei PROJECTS in dlhi globalhub
for remote end operation and maintenance.
• Monitoring and Escalation of Alarms of entire 2G,3G <E huawie using Citrixand Exceedtool
• Using MML commands for Fault detection and Alarm monitoring
• Work involves maintenance activity, alarm monitoring, troubleshooting minor alarms, escalating issues and report generation ondemand.
• Investigation of the causes of outages and follow up the issue until it is completely resolved to maintain network reliability andavailability.
• Troubleshooting System Alarms related to BSC and BTS.

 OFC ENGINEER (fiber optic_cctv_PBX telephone) / In transceiver company (01-feb-2016 till 25-oct-2017)
1- The main major responsibilities included working on installation, testing, maintance and optical transmission on different projects related to different clients .
2-worked as cctv , PBX telephone technical.

*Worked in Ericsson (10-july-2018 till 3-Sep-2018) on 2G(900), 3G(900, 1800) and LTE DUS ,BB
- Using MOSHELL and OMT for alarm monitoring,troubleshooting and maintenance activity

* also worked as call center and customer service support (2007_2009)

# IT SKILLS / technical SKILLS:
*Software Language: Basic C & C++ Language.
*Tools used: Ms Office, Citrix, Reflection, Putty, OMS, BTS MANAGER , AWE (V8.0) & (V8.1).
*Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, Vista, Linux.

1/Ict Huawei training
Company Name: Huawei Academy, india (HR).
Duration: 6 Months. Description:
*Wireless Telecom- GSM (2G), WCDMA (3G),LTE(4G)
*Studying the basic functionality SGSN, GGSN, CG, PCRF, DNS, BG, HLR and EIR.
*Learning interface andsignificance.
*Core Network – GSM architecture & GPRS CoreNetwork.
*IP-Datacom- Switches, Routing, Security &Firewall
*Transmission Networks- Access, Optics &Microwave.
*Cloud Computing- BasicFundamental.
# other courses:
2/Optics fiber
3/Capm management
4/Low current system cctv and fire alarm
5/Computer hardware (A+)