Interested In Self Employment? We Provide Technical Support Without Initial Investment

There are plenty of untapped opportunities in IT related and E-commerce sectors. We are a reputed IT based organization with over 30 years experience in various IT related industries. If you are among any one of the following:
1. You have an IT related project idea and require technical help, training or guidance;
2. If you are looking for a reliable IT project that suits your budget and needs guidance/training
3. If you are very much interested to have your own IT based firm but do not have any money to invest, but ready to work hard.

Then send us a whatsApp message to 91-9400401609 ( only messages do not call) or email us with your email address and contact details. We will get back to you.
If you are starting with zero budget or low budget, we will not require any initial charges, fees or investments for our services, Instead, we will expect 5-10% share in the firm. The exact percentage will vary depending on our expenditure and effort. You will need to pay us only after you start earning a profit. We share your risk.