We at Khodiyar Springs are a step ahead to fabricate well equipped thread insert, a testimony to our excellent fabrication, commitment and service to customer.Thread inserts provide permanent, high-quality, wear-resistant internal threads mainly designed to get installed in drilled holes or molded forms in a simple and quick way. In-fact there are many advantages of using thread inserts.

Applications of Thread Insert
Khodiyar spring thread inserts come in diverse range of sizes and diameter and are utilized in innumerable industries including electrical engineering, plant engineering, aerospace industry, defence industry, medical industry, telecommunications, automotive industry and at many other places.

Thread inserts, typically made from brass or stainless steel are used in the assembly of many consumer products, automobiles and electronics. Also known as threaded bushing, a fastener element which is inserted into an object to append a threaded hole, it even works as a repair in a stripped threaded hole.

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