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Roughly 8 million people in the country have a sort of intellectual disability that needs the presence of a guardian. Out of these 425,000 are kids.
When dealing with a sensitive situation that is potentially life changing, you need expert guardianship attorney NYC advice to handle the situation. We offer a customized solution to assist you handle the guardianship the best way possible.
Some law firms have a lot of work and turn cases over very fast. We use a different vision at our law firm to handle cases in Washington Heights. We understand the stresses that come with losing control over your child or a family member and we make sure we help you do this the right way. We treat you like a human and help you to get a guardian o deal with guardianship litigation issues that crop up.
As a parent, you need to secure the needs of their kids is one of the best decisions you can ever make. One of the steps towards this is appointing a legal guardian. This is a person that you give the authority to make decisions and take actions on behalf of your children, or on behalf of an adult that cannot make responsible decisions on their own. However, you need to note that the guardianship is a legal aspect that needs to be handled by an expert. As such, it is vital that you work with a guardianship lawyer that can guide you through the different legalities.
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