SAR 60350 / month - House Hold Items In Cheap Price For Sale

In Cheap rates.

Price (SR)

1) Washing Machine ikon (PVC Body) 175.
2) Vacume Cleaner Panasonic 1400 Wat (Without Plastic Pine) 25.
3) Vacume Cleaner 17Wat with Pipe 50.
4) Room Heater –SIEMEN (White color) 30.
Coats and Beds (Gadda):
i) Two Metal Coats (1+1) = Double Bed (40+40) Black Color 80.
ii) Mattress (Gadda) Double Bed White Color. 70
i) Double Bed (Wooden) Green Color. 100
ii) Mattress (Gadda) White double bed 150

Wardrobe (Cup-boards) and Dressing Table :
i) Four Door’s Woode2 (Green Color) 100.
ii) Metalic Cupboard – double door 75.
iii) Dressing Table with 6 drawers and 3ft Mirror (Green Clour) 75.
White Metallic Cup-boards (For Kitchen, or Hall) 24”x36” (25 +25) 50.
Glass Tee Poye (Center Table for Tea) to use in hall or room 20.

Carpets (Center Piece) for hall or room:
Thick heavy duty 6’x 8’ SR 50.
Center Peace (5’8) Green Base Color SR 20.

Blankets NEW Sealed Packed Double size Each Pc 100
Plastic Carpet Neat and Clean (5’ x 10’) 15.

Desert Cooler Medium Size (for Hall etc.) 150.

Second Hand LED squire bulbs - SR 5 each.