The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of consumers who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls. DNC scrubbing is how we remove those names and numbers that appear on federal lists from your calling list. Without these types of service, a call could easily slip through and cause serious legal issues, resulting in a high fine per call. As you scrub these calling lists, it’s important to pay particular attention to cell phones. Wireless numbers tend to be prosecuted more, carrying heavier fines and lawsuits than landlines. In fact, the “holy grail” of the Do Not Call (or Telephone Sales Rule) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act are in fact class action consumer lawsuits, totaling in millions of dollars over cell phone calls. Cell phone identification and archiving is the first thing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will look for during an audit, as they continue to re-interpret the TCPA as they like!

Do Not Call List Scrubbing is one of the most important services you can perform before calling consumers and other businesses to ensure your company is in compliance with the various call prohibitions. The term “scrub” means to identify and archive those numbers that are on these Do Not Call Lists. This includes the National Do Not Call Registry, various State Registries, the DMA wireless block, in-house company specific lists, and wireless portability lists. These scrubbing tasks on required lists must be performed every 30 days for landlines, and every 15 days for wireless cell numbers.

Are you a real estate broker, insurance agent, financial adviser, mortgage broker, or any other small business wanting to make outbound telemarketing calls? Do you need to find an easy to use, cost effective DNC list scrubbing service to remove any numbers from your prospecting lists found on the various national and state Do Not Call lists? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you have a large list to scrub, it could be very costly. In order to help your business, we can help you scrub your lists with a flat fee. Visit:
New York, Businesses For Sale, Do Not Call List ScrubbingNew York, Businesses For Sale, Do Not Call List ScrubbingNew York, Businesses For Sale, Do Not Call List Scrubbing