Organic Fertilizer Production Line Process Waste Vegetable Leaves

The processing technology of the organic fertilizer production line is to use a crusher to crush the collected vegetable leaves, add fermentation bacteria, stack the raw materials at high temperature, and then use a compost turning machine to turn the stack to make it fully rotted.

The crushed stem and leaves can be piled up and fermented at high temperature, and then they can be turned into organic fertilizer for reuse. Let the waste vegetable leaves turn into treasure, and solve a big problem of vegetable greenhouse planting in time. The fermented waste is made into organic fertilizer by the fertilizer granulator (, and finally the vegetable leaf organic fertilizer is returned to the field. A large number of organic matter and nutrients promote the growth of vegetables better.

Relying on the technology of the organic fertilizer production line (, the vegetable waste in the greenhouse has found a new way of recycling. The production and treatment technology of waste vegetable organic fertilizer has been put into use in many vegetable bases in China. And the use of processed organic fertilizer, vegetables look good, taste better. The implementation of organic fertilizer production line can reduce the environmental pollution and soil structure damage caused by discarded vegetable leaves, and help to enhance the safety of vegetables. Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers hope that more vegetable bases will use this technology to realize the harmless use of vegetable leaves.
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