Complete Equipment Of Pig Manure Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line

How to produce fertilizer
Pig manure organic fertilizer production line needs fermentation compost turner, organic fertilizer grinder, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.

Complete equipment of pig manure bio organic fertilizer production line
1. Fermentation turning machine or trough turning machine
The compost windrow turner machine does not need to build a tank, it directly puts the materials into a pile, and uses the windrow turner to stir the fermented material. Fermentation tank compost fermentation mode, using the compost turning machine riding straddle fermentation.

2. Organic fertilizer crusher
The large debris and stones in the sieved organic fertilizer are separated and crushed, which is beautiful and can ensure the quality of the product.

3. Drum screening machine
The fermented organic fertilizer is sieved, and the large pieces and debris inside are separated, which is convenient for the next step of crushing and packaging.

4. Horizontal mixer
Premixing the sieved and crushed organic fertilizer can ensure the stability of the product quality, and at the same time play a mixing role when adding fertilizers and trace elements for the production of special fertilizers and various compound fertilizers.

5. Two In One organic fertilizer and npk fertilizer granulator
Granulation equipment makes powder material into granules

6. Rotary drum dryer, cooler
The prepared particles were dried and cooled.
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