Looking For Serious Investor As A Sleeping Partner

Hello Investors

I am looking for serious Investor who is also looking to invest in safe business without any inventory headache or others.

The same I am here to share my business proposal which is related to purely on Horse Racing it will be more easy if investor have a knowledge of the same.

I am looking to launch a Mobile App with a Website there will be complete history of every horse and day to day races with other things.

There are many other sites also you may be aware with them and you can see everyone will give 3 choices for every race but what will be unique in us is we give only one tip that to certain if we don't have certainty than we will mention like others 3 choices.

An important thing is when we launch this first 15 days will be free to surfing for registered members after that there will be charge as membership fees it will be either for 6 months or 1 year apart from that our Tip as well chargeable.

How safe it is for an Investor the investment amount will be return back in a period of one year time with all legal agreements with an 30% sharing profit every month after all expenses.

Just to make you sure about minimum returns per month will be not less than 50,000 against to investment amount of 10 lakhs indian rupees.

For further more details you can call me on my given number.

Thanks n Regards