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Read and clear check engine codes, Enhanced Codes (e.g. ABS, Airbag, Climate Control, Transmission, etc.) and more.

For each DTC, I Can generate a report for your vehicle containing possible causes, reported fixes, and more.

If You are having any type of light at your dashboard . I Can Scan Your Car With Obd2 Scanner And Tell You What Is The Problem And Also I Can Clear For You The Light only for 40 Riyals.
I Am Not Mechanic Just Diagnosing Scanning And Telling You The Problem And Clearing The Codes I May Refer You To Mechanics Who May Solve The Problem.

Note: After Clearing The Codes If Problem Exists The Light Can Appear Back Any Time I Can Provide You With Some Verified Possible Sollutions.

All Models Any Year Any Transmission Any Car (Please Ensure OBD2 Port (16 pins) Available Or Not)

Check Below Picture & Ensure Are You Having Any Such Lights.

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Jeddah, Electronics, SAR 40,  Car Computer Scan  At 40 Sr Only