Sales And Marketing Crew

Nowadays, many people lose their jobs because the world has a covid-19 pandemic. There are still many out there still looking for jobs to rebuild their finances.

But there is no denying that there are also jobs that offer income that is too low and not equivalent to qualification. From now on you do not have to worry anymore because now we offer jobs for the position of * Sales And Marketing Crew *.

Work scope :

1) Responsible for marketing products and the right market
2) Responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies
3) Interact and work with the team
4) Engage in other organizations in other marketing offices
5) Creating Strategies in marketing

Eligibility requirements:
1) Level of education: SPM, University Graduates,
2) Experienced and no experience is welcome
3) Looks attractive and neat
4) Have skills in the relevant field or no Priority skills

1) Weekly salary
2) Bonuses are available
3) Certificate of skills is provided free of charge
4) Training is provided free of charge

Along with excellent opportunities for career advancement for candidates with good personal qualities and excellent career record.

Your interested candidates are invited to apply as recruitment is limited. What are you waiting for?